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Free FRP Unlock Bypass for All Motorola Android 10Q


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Hi friends,

Don’t feel bad with the FRP Lock of your Motorola Android 10Q.

Here you will get a fantastic solution for Bypassing the FRP lock of Motorola Android 10Q.

Follow the below steps.



Switch ON the device – Tap on the START – Then tap NEXT – Now connect to the Wi-Fi network - Tap on Don’t copy in ‘Copy apps & data’ Tab.

Now ‘Google Verifying Account’ page opens up – Go back to the START screen.

Change the language to any other than English.

Then tap on Call icon – Tap twice on the top heading - Tap on the edit symbol – Then select the second option (corresponding to second ‘+’ symbol).

Tap on search on top – Then tap on the language icon (globe symbol on keyboard) – Now tap the green color text (other than two options there).

Then tap on the Tab shown at bottom – Now opens up a language Tab – Add a few languages by tapping them – And then go back to START screen.

Now tap on the language – Select English.

Tap on Emergency call – Tap twice on Emergency information – Tap on the edit symbol – Then tap on Add contact – Click on the search bar – Then tap on the language icon (globe symbol on keyboard).

Tap on Language settings – Tap on ADD KEYBOARD – Now tap on any language which has an arrow on the right side.

Now tap on the three dots at the top – Then select Help & feedback – Tap on the typing bar (change the language to English by tapping the globe symbol, if typing language is other than English) – Type ‘Use Morse Code’.

Now tap on the share icon at the top – Now tap and hold on Messages icon & Select App info – Tap on Permissions – Then tap on the search icon at the top – Type Chrome.

Click on Chrome to open the ‘Chrome’ page – Now tap Open – Accept & continue – Next – No thanks.

Now tap on the search bar and type ‘bit.ly/launcher_apex’ in the search bar and Go – Now tap on Apex_Launcher Download – Then tap OK to complete the download.

Go to Downloads (by tapping three dots at top) - Then tap Apex_Launcher.apk - 

Then tap Settings - Check ON the ‘Allow from this source’ – Tap back and then tap Install in ‘Apex Launcher’ Tab.

After installation tap Open – Continue – Ok - Now we can see the Home screen.

Tap on Google chrome – Tap on the search bar and type ‘bit.ly/frp_google’ and go – Download the file as earlier.

Then go to Downloads and tap on ‘Android_6_GAM.apk’ – then tap INSTALL and then tap Done.

Again go to address bar and type ‘bit.ly/frp_bypass’ and go – Download the file.

Go to Downloads and tap ‘FRP_Bypass.apk’ – Tap Install – Then tap Open. 

A new page ‘Re-type password’ opens up now – Tap on the three dots on top – Tap on ‘Browser Sign in’ – Tap OK.

Now ‘Google’ page opens up – Sign in with your user ID and Password.

Now Downloads tab opens – Tap back button after closing all opened Tabs of the browser – Now Home screen appears.

Go to Settings – Security – Device admin apps – Check ON the Find My Device – Tap on Activate this device admin app.

Then go back to home screen – Tap on Google Chrome – Tap on ‘+’ icon – Then type google.com - Now Google home page appears – Type find my device – Tap on “Find My Device – Google” link – Enter your Google ID and password.

Tap on SECURE DEVICE – Set up the password (Never forget the same for future use) and tap SECURE DEVICE.

Now your phone is locked by the Find My Device – Scroll up and enter the password.

Now tap twice on ERASE DEVICE – Again enter your own Google ID and password – then tap on Erase – Now the factory reset will be done automatically and will restart in few minutes.

START screen appears now – Tap on START – Skip - Connect to the Wi-Fi network -Tap on Don’t copy in ‘Copy apps & data’ Tab

Now enter the PIN that you set up via Find My Device earlier for bypassing FRP Lock.

Tap twice on Skip for ‘Google Sign in’.

‘Google Services’ page opens up now - Tap More - Then tap ACCEPT – Skip the ‘Screen Lock’ page – Then tap OK.

Tap Accept and continue in ‘About your privacy’ Tab – Tap NEXT.

The home screen appears now after FRP unlock.



Please share your experience got through this session of FRP Unlock for your Motorola Android 10Q with all your close ones.

Hit Like button if you enjoyed and liked the solution.

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