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FREE Bypassing of FRP Lock from Huawei MediaPad T5 (AGS2-W09) Android 8.0.0 in 5 minutes

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Hi All,

Today I'm going to share with you an excellent tutorial, that Helps you to Unlock FRP Lock from Your Huawei MediaPad T5 (AGS2-W09) Android 8.0.0

It's a FREE Bypass, and FRP Lock Removal trick Mostly works on All Huawei Devices.

In This Tutorial, I've simplified each step for easy understanding. So follow these below steps to Remove FRP Lock from your Huawei MediaPad T5 (AGS2-W09) Android 8.0.0


Start the device – Select the language as English – Tap on NEXT – Tap AGREE twice in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ Tab.

Tap NEXT in the ‘Service Declaration’ Tab – Now tap JOIN in the ‘User Experience Improvement Project’ Tab.

Tap CONTINUE in ‘Keep your software up to date’ Tab – Tap on AGREE TO ALL in ‘About service permissions’ Tab.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network now – Tap NEXT.

‘Google Verifying your account’ Tab opens up now - Go back to ‘Connect to a network’ Tab.

Disconnect/Forget the Wi-Fi connection which was connected earlier.

Then again tap the same Wi-Fi network provider – Before entering the Wi-Fi network’s password, check the Show advanced options box (just below the PASSWORD typing area).

Now tap on Proxy – Manual – Type “abcd.com” below Proxy hostname and “1234” below Proxy port – Then scroll up and type the Wi-Fi password and CONNECT.

Then tap on NEXT – Now shows as no Internet access below our Wi-Fi network ID – Tap NEXT.

Now you can see a message in Red Color as “No internet access. Please check the router or consult your network service provider” in the ‘Connect to a network’ Tab.

Tap on the “Colon symbol” in the left of the message.

Tap on Unable to find a hotspot? In ‘Help’ page – Now tap on Learn more (below Unable to find a hotspot?) – Tap on NEXT - Then tap on AGREE in ‘Permissions and user agreement’ page.

After loading up, tap on YES for switching the United Kingdom (English) version of the app.

Now a page opens as ‘Recommended’ – Swipe left until ‘HiCare’ page reaches – Then tap on Start – Then tap ALLOW.

Then type any random words such as “aaaaaaaaa or bbbbbbbbb or cccccccccc” in search bar at right top and search.

It will show as No matching result – Then tap on the Email icon – Then tap and hold on the Gmail icon – Tap on Notifications – Tap on More settings.

 Then tap on the three dots on the top in ‘Settings’ Tab - Select Manage Accounts – Tap on Accounts – Now tap on System – Reset –Reset all settings –Tap twice on RESET ALL SETTINGS.

After reset go back to ‘Accounts’ – Display – Home screen style – Select Drawer.

The home screen appears now.

Go to Settings – System – Enable OEM unlock – ENABLE.

Now your system is free from FRP lock and can be used as usual. 



Now, you have Unlocked FRP Lock from Your Huawei MediaPad T5 (AGS2-W09) Android 8.0.0.

Share this tutorial with your friends and let them learn something interesting. 

Hit the Like button, if you need more like this.


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