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Chimera Tool scammed me and took my money and gave me nothing. They locked my account after I had paid for no reason

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Here is where I got cheated by Chimera Tool, they took my money and then locked my program for no reason, they claimed that there was a host controller running on my Brand new high end gaming laptop that looked suspicious. With no actual proof and when I had honestly done nothing wrong I was locked out and they demanded that I pay again or I would not be able to access the subscription I had already paid for. I was cheated outright scammed by them and I would never recommend their software to anybody, Beware Chimera Tools scam to get more money for an already paid subscription. They justify theft from consumers such as myself and I lost my money the day I purchased their software, it has very poor model support and I never came across any phones that the software actually supported. Just a bunch of old phones that nobody uses or models that aren't sold in Canada. I swear on my word that I did nothing to deserve this lockout from them, a complete scam. I will dedicate some time each day to spreading awareness to everyone that is on all the GSM forums that I was victim to a scam and accused of things I did not do and treated like a poorly like a criminal.

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Response for your priority ticket (2021-054134)
Dear greglarsen1,

Thank your for your detailed message.
Accourding to our policy you are prohibited to share Chimera in any way. On 2021.04.07. you have used Virtual Usb Hub, after we unblocked your account and gave you an other choice. Later, on 2021.05.07. you have used VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller which is prohibited once again, because sharing in ANY way is prohibited. We wanted to give you an other chance with the Tool, so we offered you a third chance, not for free this time. As a result of it you have started to insulting our Customer Service workers. We have never said that you don't have the right to participate in educational activities and to be artistic and creative, to study and make my your unique gadgets and create custom designs, firmware or anything else that originated from you and your ideas.
We asked you only one thing, do not use Chimera- even on your phone- and use a third party remote sharing software. You have failed to follow our Policy and broke it twice.

We wish you all the best for the future.
The Chimera Team
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Greg Palmero

I purchased Chimera Software a few short months ago, I did not use the software very much because I found that it had a lack of support for the common phone models. About a week ago I bought a brand new computer and also a Rasperry Pi 4 kit to assemble as a creative project, I connected it to my computer via a SSH tunnel to type some commands into the cmd promt and to transfer some setup files to it to fix the resolution and Wifi settings. Chimera locked me out of my account and made accusations that I had shared their software with another party when I had not, I had my own personal phone connected that day but it was at a different time of the day. They lied about me and said that I had done prohibited actions against the company policy when I know that they are just cheating me as a consumer. They demanded that I pay for the software again, like a scam. This company is disrespectful and they lie in order to get you to send them more money to continue to use the program. I paid for a year of access and I did not get what I paid for and I would not recommend this companies software to anyone. They have a history of cheating consumers and disabling the program and asking for additional payments. This is how they operate and do business, they install 3rd party spyware on everyone's computer that monitors every running process and scan the files of programs installed on your hard drives, they read the devices in your device manager and they decide what devices a machine should or should not be running at a given time. They have full access to your hardware and your computers to read and distribute your personal data and information and to use it for their own needs which is to scam the customer. The individual who owns this organization is a scam artist and a fraud. I realized this after several months of owning the software and becuase of all of the big holes in the support. It simply wasnt capable of completing any of the simplest repair tasks without an error or informing me that the device proceedures were limited to just simply check info which means it scans the phone and gives you the binary code. Any software can do this. The day I purchased Chimera was the day I got scammed due to misrepresentation of the product that they were selling and lies about the features it would provide to me. I am just a working man like everyone else and they feel that it is acceptable to take from people and give them nothing in return.
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