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Bypassing FRP Lock of All Huawei Android 9.0.0 within 5 Minutes


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Hi All,

Today I'm going to share with you an excellent tutorial, that Helps you to Unlock FRP Lock from Your Huawei Android 9.0.0.

It's a FREE Bypass, and FRP Lock Removal trick works on All Huawei Devices.

In This Tutorial, I've simplified each step for easy understanding. So follow these below steps to Remove FRP Lock from your Huawei Android 9.0.0.



Start the device – Tap on GET STARTED – Check ON “I have carefully read and agree to all of the above terms” in the ‘Terms of Use’ page – Then tap NEXT.

Tap NEXT in the ‘Insert SIM card’ page – Tap NEXT in the ‘Data import’ page also.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network now – Tap NEXT.

‘Google Verifying your account’ page opens up now - Go back to the ‘Welcome’ page.

Now tap on Emergency call – Type *#*#1357946#*#* - A Settings page with version details opens up now.

Swipe from left to right – Now tap on Settings home – This will open phone settings now.

Tap system – Reset – Reset all settings – RESET ALL SETTINGS (twice).

Then go back to Settings – Home screen & wallpaper – Home screen style – You can see that Standard is selected – First select Drawer – And then select the Standard.

Now the system Home screen appears.

Restart the device now.

Now your system is free from FRP lock and can be used as usual. 



Now, you have Unlocked FRP Lock from your Huawei Android 9.0.0.

Share this tutorial with your friends and let them learn something interesting. 

Hit the Like button, if you need more like this.


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