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  1. Hello. I have a problem. I unlock the router 4G huawei E587u with a code I get in internet. Router accept it and no more after ask for it. Working the router with the sim of the another company, I can not get options to navegarte in internet. I have all parameters right for the new APN, but no traffic. The router shows me the new sim company, Simyo, but nothing more. Can an anybody help me to activate this new SIM card and get traffic??? Kind regards. IMEI: 869836002065834 Número de serie: K9P7NA9290800153 Code I get are: Old code V1: 34910888 Code V2: 16579414 New algo code V3/201: 23148667 Flash code: 44095134 with Code V2 It accept and send me to router home page.
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