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  1. Additional Information: I started researching about country specific firmware and find out that, for this specific model (SM-960F), for Brazil, it is available a file for Oreo (no Pie). By the way, the version commercially sold here is SM-9600 (Snapdragon version).
  2. Hi guys, I just purchased a few days ago a S9, model SM-960F, from a french seller of eBay. The cellphone came with french firmware, listed on Sammobile site as XEF/XEF/XEF, with september security patch. Everything is working fine (calls and internet), except for VoLTE and VoWIFI. By the way, I live in Brazil and my carrier (VIVO) does provide VoLTE in my region, which I confirmed when I inserted my simcard in my wife´s phone (S10e). Another point is that it is available in the network settings menu the switch panel that turns on/off VoLTE. My question is: is there any procedure that can
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