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  2. What code should i use for airtel network provider.....please reply? I have same problem like the above one....my handset is from uae and after i got the update....volte option vanished from my device.... please give me the code if it's for airtel.
  3. Here is where I got cheated by Chimera Tool, they took my money and then locked my program for no reason, they claimed that there was a host controller running on my Brand new high end gaming laptop that looked suspicious. With no actual proof and when I had honestly done nothing wrong I was locked out and they demanded that I pay again or I would not be able to access the subscription I had already paid for. I was cheated outright scammed by them and I would never recommend their software to anybody, Beware Chimera Tools scam to get more money for an already paid subscription. They justify th
  4. Hi there to all of you.I need to help to be able to use my second hand device with a different company. Th device, is a MIFi Huawei, 5330, Model E5330 Bs-2. IMEI 864174033078179. Could please anyone be so kind to help me? Thanks a lot in advance
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